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    • A message from your instructor

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    • Boxers Running Training

    • boxers running training

  3. 3
    • Anaerobic Training for Boxers

    • Boxers Lactate Runs / Repetitions Track Session

  4. 4
    • Do Altitude Training Masks really work?

    • Professional Boxers Sample Training Week

    • Boxers Circuit Training Session ( Anaerobic Session)

    • Sprints- long session

  5. 5
    • Sprint Training for Combat Atthletes

  6. 6
    • The Track - What do the markings mean?

    • The Track

Bonus material

Include additional content to your course curriculum to provide further value to your students.

  • Professional Fighters program

    Follow a detailed example of a professional boxers program. Included are running programs and circuit training program.

  • Save your legs from IMPACT

    A detailed boxers circuit training program so you can work your anaerobic system WITHOUT running- saves your legs from impact!

  • Bonus material

    Includes introductory explanation about altitude training.


Coach Educator

Andy Wake

Andy is the worlds most experienced coach educator having trained 18,000 coaches to date over a 29 year career.

His boxing fitness program Boxercise is present in over 50 countries and has over 5 million participants. He was personally selected by the late Muhammad Ali to design a training regime to bear 'The Greatests' name.'

He is a licensed professional boxing coach with the British Board of Boxing Control and licensed sprints coach with British Athletics. He has a BSc. (Hons) in Sports Science (2:1) from Brunel University.

Included in a 21 year international athletics career he made the 60 metre sprint semi final of the World Masters Championships in 2004. He has competed in the Pole Vault in two World Masters Championships and is a five time national champion.

He has been coaching since 1985 and has coached 4 Olympic Champions ( with 5 Olympic Golds) 21 World Champs 17 European Champs 5 Commonwealth Champs In 4 different sports.

Currently he coaches at North Devon Athletics Club and Mowsley Boxing Club.

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